Monday, 5 October 2009

Bustling Annual Moon Festival in Hai Phong

Our whole CSC Team decided to rent a bus to a city Hai Phong nearby to celebrate the Moonfestival with the Vietnamese. What an experience! I have never seen so many people on motorbikes in my life! Every Vietnamese was on the street celebrating, eating moon cakes & dancing with the dragons.
The city was packed and all Vietnamese people were out on the street that night – amazing! It did not matter what age – and the kids had nice costumes on and had a lot of fun including us. We felt so special that night as there are no tourists in Hai Phong or any non Asian people. So you can imagine that we were the centre of attention wherever we were walking: 3 India’s, 3 Europeans, 1 Brazilian, 1 Canadian, and 2 American. Lots of people waved at us, wanted to get a picture with us or just talk. It was fantastic!

By an coincidence we actually crashed somehow into a private neighbourhood moon festival. We just wanted to make a pictures of the kids and 1 second later we were all invited to the fest and sitting with the local Vietnamese around the tables to watch the dragon dance and ate Watermelons.
That experience showed again how welcoming the Vietnamese people are.

We were so lucky to be in Vietnam throughout that festival! Enjoy the pictures

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