Friday, 9 October 2009

3 weeks are already over – Can you believe it?

The time is flying here in Vietnam. We are going in our final phase of our Assignment.
We met with the director, his wife and the CFO today and discussed our open questions on the final presentation. It was a very productive meeting and I feel very comfortable & looking forward to next week - I have never created so many charts before ;) And you should see them translated in Vietnamese!
If I think about it - 3 weeks ago I was expecting to meet a completely different client. Now I am part of the team who is doing our final presentation on Corporate Finance and we have worked on the business case of a 15 story Commercial Tower, which is under construction already. We have worked on 3 different options: Option A - Selling the Tower now; Option B – Selling the Tower in 2011, Option C – Selling the Tower in 2020.
The director told us today he will make a decision after our presentation next week! So no pressure! We will have the final presentation in the High school. I am so looking forward to go there again. Have a look at the video below.

This weekend we are cruising in Halong Bay and then visit the Orphanage again on Sunday to bring some pictures, milk powder and trying to teach the kids a few things.

Our last weekend here in Halong Bay. I really cannot believe it and I think the whole team is sad about it! But now we’ll enjoy your last week here and go for a lovely Vietnamese Dinner.
And we still have next weekend in Hanoi left for a big "goodbye party".

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