Wednesday, 21 October 2009

2nd day in Sapa

I woke up from the sunlight which came into my room. I got so excited that I got up, got my camera and went straight outside onto my balcony to enjoy the view. It was so idyllic like on the pictures I saw beforehand. Sapa in sunshine is gorgeous!
Had a lovely noodle soup with beef for breakfast with the Australians which I met and took some more time out to sit in front of my room to enjoy the view! The mountains are so impressive!
Then our tour started and we walked for 3hours through breathtaking scenery - Fiona from Australia, myself & the tour guide! But anybody who knows Sapa, knows that we were much more people. Sapa has 5 different Hill tribes and so the women who want to sell some bags, pillowcases, duvets etc. are following you the whole way. You actually get used to it and chat with them, as they learned their English from the tourists.
We stopped for lunch and the food is even better then in Halong City. Soooo tasty. Vietnamese just know how to cook!
Then we walked to another 2 villages for another 1.5 hours before we got back to our hotel. Beautiful pictures taken and a great experience again. We passed by a school, where the kids decided to dance for us – so cute. Also we saw a hospital, which did not look so trustworthy to be honest, but who knows.

Today the Official National Womensday was celebrated in Vietnam and every man will buy flowers for his girlfriend or wife. It was fun to see all these flowers everywhere on the street and also all the guys riding on their motorbikes with a bunch of flowers.

At 5pm I had to say goodbye one more time to the Australians and was on my way back to Hanoi on the overnight train. What an experience!


  1. I do envy you now!!!
    Sapa added to the list of places one must see before they die :-)

  2. very very beautiful indeed! i'm glad you there was variaty of food, but i'm sure you missed my xau tom! :)