Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A fabulous weekend on the Halong Bay Cruise

Our last weekend here in Halong and we finished it with a fantastic Cruise!
I have done a cruise through Halong Bay already twice before, but it is always an experience and overwhelming. The Limestone’s are so impressive and what more can you wish for as to sit on a nice cruise on the sundeck and enjoy the wind which is blowing into your face! Just priceless!
We had brilliant food for lunch & dinner and in the afternoon we visited the cave. Magic view up from the top!
Then we went kayaking in a small little cave – it was just amazing. I had John with me in the Kayak, and after 2 minutes paddling John told me he had his camera with him…….ohoh, so the pressure was on not to fall into the water! But we managed to be a great team and it was a pleasure to kayak with John. Back at our boat we were asking the crew if we could jump from the boat for a swim before it gets dark.
And a few minutes later we were standing at the front of the boat, scared to jump from that height. Thank god I had Juliana on my side, so we managed to jump together……it was at least 4m high…….anyway, we really enjoyed our swim in the middle of the sea!
After a lovely hot shower in our great equipped cabins we had a very tasty dinner. I managed the first time in my life to eat 4 different kinds of fish and that all in one evening! But I know now for sure that I don’t fancy mussels! But everything else was delicious.
Later on that evening we started Karaoke and we didn’t finish before 2am. Then we had a nice chat on the Sundeck before we went finally to bed! What a brilliant day – who can ask for more?!
Next morning the crew woke us up to watch the sunrise at 6am. I just quickly opened my curtains – no sun was visible through the clouds – so I went back to sleep.
Breakfast was early anyway as we already sailed to a small Ireland at 8.30am to have a hike to the top and a lovely swim. We even managed to play Water Volleyball for a bit J
We had such a great time and were so lucky that the sun finally came out and we had a great time on the sundeck until we came back into the Bay of Halong City.

That was a weekend to remember! We had so much fun and we are still enjoying our last week as much as we can.
Tomorrow is our final client presentation. Keep you fingers crossed.


  1. Haha Kerstin, I had no clue that there is another IREland along the coast of Vietnam... I can imagine that you'd prefer to return there rather than the "real" Ireland... ;oP

  2. WOW amazing pix and story as usual!!

  3. The pictures look very familiar I have to say. But remember how feezing it was when we did the cruise that time....;-)