Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Saying Goodbye – Can it get worse?

Karaoke at the Junk Cruise with our translators

Group picture: CSC Team + tranlators

All our translators - what a great bunch of people!

Jump from the Junk Boat with John - that was fun!

Xoan, Kerstin & Lan on the Junk Cruise.

On Friday at 10am it was time to say goodbye to our translators. This was the start of a dreadful experience. We had 3 month of pre-work calls, but nobody prepared all of us how tough it would be to say goodbye. I have never seen so many tears since a long time. However I would like to mention our fabulous time on Thursday on our final goodbye Dinner Cruise with our translators. We finished the CSC program with a stunning experience. Jumped from the junk deck from at least 3-4 meters height and that was something to remember! We had a really tasty dinner on the Cruise and we sang Karaoke with our hearts & souls.
Back in Hanoi, we quick checked into our hotel and had some lunch before we went to the IBM Office in Hanoi for our Press Conference. My first press conference ever ;)
Was a very interesting experience and they will show some parts of it on the Vietnamese National Television. Hope to get a link to it soon.
One member of the team already had to leave to the airport, so saying goodbye started all over again. In the evening we went for another lovely dinner with Mark from ABV and the remaining 9 of the CSC Team. The evening ended with some tasty Caipirinha in a Bar called I-Box with a great atmosphere.

Saturday we had to say goodbye to even more colleagues – no more details as it was just getting worse by the minute. The remaining colleagues and myself had a stroll around streets in Hanoi, did a bit of shopping, went for a nice lunch next to the Revolutionary Museum and so on.
Sunday morning was another time to say goodbye to more colleagues. Next time I will be the first one who is leaving, otherwise I cannot survive this. We met our translators Lan & Trang at 10am, went for lunch and visited the Museum of Ethnology. It was a really nice idea from Lan to bring us there. The wooden houses were the most impressive part! We had a final drink on the 5th floor in a lovely coffee place outside with Palm trees close to Hanoi Lake. We went for our last CSC colleagues dinner (whoever was left), before I left to go to Sapa. Lan & Trang where crying a lot and it was heartbreaking to leave them in Hanoi behind.

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