Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sapa Experience is starting...

On our walk to Cat Cat Village
Traditional dress + dance from one Tribe in Sapa
Traditional women in Sapa

Cat Cat Waterfall

Sunday Evening I went to the Kangaroo Café in Hanoi and started my tour to Sapa. We were 5 people, 4 Australian’s and I and we got on the overnight train. I was pleasantly surprised how clean the train was – much more modern then the train down to Saigon. I had a great night sleep until we had to get off at 5.30am. We all got on a bus for another 1.5h to reach Sapa & our hotel.
After a great breakfast we were waiting for our rooms. Unfortunately it was very foggy and a few hours later it started to rain. I had a stroll through the town and the markets, but in some shops you could not really see anything as we had an electricity outage.
In the afternoon we then met our tour guide and we had a great walk down to Cat Cat Village and the Waterfall. We also listened to some traditional music from Sapa and saw some great traditional dancing. All these dresses are so colourful as well as all the bags.
I saw it on pictures beforehand, but if you see it live it is even more impressive. The hike back up to our hotel was pretty tough but nice at the same time.
Tomorrow fingers crossed we have nicer weather and the rain is hopefully gone as well as the fog. We ended the evening with a gorgeous meal – I had deer on a hot iron plate and it was the best food I had eaten so far in Vietnam!

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