Monday, 5 October 2009

Motorbike Tour around Cat Ba Island

On Sunday morning we decided to get a ferry to the nearby Cat Ba Island to have a relaxing day at the beach. After a one hour ferry trip we arrived in Cat Ba and we had the idea to rent Motorbikes to get to know this Island.
You have imagine that our translator Lan just had a one minute conversation with a local Vietnamese at the Ferry Terminal and in seconds there were 10 motorbikes parked in front of us and we could go on our ride!
Best decision we had made for the day. I really forgot how nice it is to drive a Motorbike in 32 degrees on a beautiful Island. We drove for an hour through a really beautiful scenery including mountains and we passed the National Park as well.
Arriving at a gorgeous beach we had our first swim in the sea since we arrived in Vietnam! It was just brilliant; however the water was almost as hot as the air outside ;)
As we were all eager to get on the bikes again, we drove to another beach nearby and had another swim there after we had to get back to the Ferry. That was such a lovely relaxing day – it could not have been better!
On the ferry trip back to the Mainland we had a gorgeous sunset which just crowned the day. Overall we had such a great weekend, which you cannot top anymore. But lets wait until next ;) You never know.
Today we visited our CFO and gave our presentation about Corporate Financing. That was a good learning experience for all of us. The topic is already very complex and then to get it even translated into Vietnamese with the correct meaning was challenging, but the CFO was satisfied. We just will make some adjustments to make it a bit simpler and then the whole team can use it for their clients.
Tomorrow we will get a decision on if I can start to work with my original client or if he is pulling out. Flexibility is needed as we experienced from the first day onwards, but it is actually working well. Every day as small surprise as in real life J

Enjoy the pictures from the bike trip!

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