Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Final Presentation at our client

I guess 4 weeks ago nobody could have imagined how it is to have our final client presentation. And here it is – and now already over….so unreal. I have followed CSC Alumni’s beforehand on their blogs talking about their experiences, however to go through it yourself is just completely inspiring.
We met our client at the high school yesterday for the final presentation in the afternoon.
One thing what I have learned for sure is: Flexibility. This just applies to Vietnamese every day’s life and I am actually getting pretty used to it and it does not stress, upset or annoy me. I think that means adapting to Vietnamese culture ;)
So everything started that the driver from our company rang us and told us that they will pick us up 30min later. No surprise anymore after almost 4 weeks in Vietnam….
When we got out of the car all the High school students had a break and where waving at us and cheering. What a feeling that was! And after we waved back they were all giggling and clapping.
We met the director, the headmaster of the high school and some employees. The director told us straight away that he has only 1h and then he had to leave. So we changed spontaneously our whole agenda (so typical Vietnamese) and I really just had to smile about it. Adaptability is everything and I didn’t mind whatsoever. John started with our presentation of the Commercial Tower and the findings & recommendations to keep the tower, to sell it after completion or in 2020. You could see that their faces were lightning up. That was the first sign that they liked what we presented. The director stated clearly after the presentation that we helped him to get a better understanding of the financial outlook as well as the risk they have to keep in mind.
So the decision is made: Our client will keep the commercial tower until 2020 J!!!
Mr. Trinh, the director is very proud of his commercial tower and it is also a prestige project for Halong City in that location.
Then I took them through the High school presentation which was a lot of fun. We made a video for the High school which they just loved to watch. They were also very touched when they saw that we put some pictures which we took from the High school previously and included them in the presentation. You could feel how proud they were.
They were very happy with our best practises from Europe and US which they will try to implement in their High school. I really had the feeling after the presentation that they took the ideas on board. I handed a present to the Headmaster of the school Mr. Quôc’ Anh: A Guinness T-Shirt & pen which I brought from Ireland. He definitely appreciated this. Then we finished off with the Corporate Finance Presentation and the Director invited us for a last dinner with the Headmaster and the CFO. We had a lovely time and it was very sad & hard to say goodbye.
These 4 weeks is an experience I will never forget!

Today I went with John to Subbu’s & Jan’s client to go through our Corporate Finance Presentation and to give them some education in Sales. It was great to present even in front of another client, actually in the Directors private house in the living room. The client is operating a Boat Cruise in Halong Bay and a restaurant. We had a lovely lunch again today and I am so looking forward to our final “good-bye” Halong Bay Cruise with our translators tomorrow! It will be very sad to say goodbye to everybody including the translators. We are having a fabulous time here which will be never forgotten.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe that the 4 weeks are nearly over... Sounds like your work has really been appreciated - that's the way: I love the presi ;-)