Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A day to remember in a private High school in Vietnam

We had such an incredible experience and fantastic day at our clients High school today.
From understanding the challenges the High school is facing until singing in the classroom – it was just a day you will never forget.

One thing everybody I am sure will remember about Vietnam after visiting is the smile of Vietnamese people on their faces. And that is exactly what happened today as well in the classroom. The students were so welcoming. They clapped when we came into the classroom. They were curious to understand from which countries we are and what we are doing in Vietnam.
The students were singing different traditional songs for us and then they decided they would like to hear a German Christmas song. Well and here I was – singing in front of 40 Highschool students in Vietnam “Oh Tannenbaum”!!!
We got a very good understanding today from our client that there are many implications on their business by changing government regulations which they didn’t foresee or maybe also couldn’t. Even by running a private school the client is still obliged to follow the government decisions, for example increasing salaries for teachers.
The private schools are hit very hard as they haven’t planed these costs in their budgets and are overspending quiet significantly. Hope we find a way to help them in the next weeks with this and also to recruit more students in the future.

The school is very well equipped – the classrooms have huge windows, the school itself is very clean. They have a doctor’s room, language & physics laboratory, Computer room, canteen, parking space for the motorcycles for the teachers and the bicycles from the students. The location is all you can really wish for: It is directly beside the sea with a view over Halong Bay – just gorgeous.

We met the Headmaster of the school, the Vice-president, 2 English teachers, the History teacher & the Computer teacher.
Before we left the Computer teacher was singing just for us a song about a Vietnamese hero during the American War. The title was “I will always be with you even on a very long road”. What an incredible performance.
The Vietnamese people are definitely very passionate and talented singers and I think they can even compete with the Irish.
Then we had one more surprise. The headmaster itself Mr. Huy also sang for us.

We got such an incredible hospitality in that High school. Teachers and students were so open and happy that we took time out to visit them and listen to us. What an experience!
This will be a day I will never forget!
Thank you Vietnam & the incredible passionate, driven, creative & welcoming Vietnamese people.


  1. I would love to see you singing... any evidence that can be posted here?? :)

  2. Oh Tannenbaum - I can't believe it :-) Brilliant. Mind you, I would have struggeled to come up with a song myself as well.
    THIS all sounds so fantastic, Kerstin. We are really glad that you are seeing & experiencing so much have a such a wonderful time there

  3. Hi! I can only agree!! Seem so nice!

  4. Thanks to all your comments :) It is so nice to hear something from all of you back home! And yes there is evidence, we have a video. Will send you a link soon when we are finishing cutting it ;) I almost struggeled to find a song where I know all the lyrics. Too long time in Ireland as it seems.