Sunday, 27 September 2009

Hiking to the top of Yen Tu

Five of our team (John, Juliana, Jan, Subbu & myself) decided to go for hiking on Sunday to Yen Tu - a very famous temple up on the top of a mountain (1068m). That was some experience we will never forget ;)

Image the following: Start hiking at 9.40am in 32 degrees or more in Vietnam.....and if you would have seen the steps we had to just did not end....after an almost 4h hike we finally reached the top and we all made it. Unbelievable hike! But great and challenging. During the hike we had some different experiences with the local Vietnamese - young & old are hiking up the mountain to bring some presents to the temple. If you reach the top that means you will have luck in your life.....and you cannot imagine that even 80 years and older women are hiking up that mountain. That is impressive. Also all the workers who are carrying these heavy cement bags up to almost the top to built another temple on the way....I felt really sorry for all these vietnamese people. That cannot be fun and I am sure they all have sore shoulders!
Well, we will see about our sore legs tomorrow for sure! That trip was at least as challenging as hiking in the Bavarian mountain back home!

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