Monday, 21 September 2009

It was very exciting meeting our clients this morning. They really appreciated as we welcomed them with the Vietnamese "Sin Chao" which means welcome.
We had a great atmosphere by meeting with them and the translators. My client, an Asian-stock trading company, can only start the project in 2 weeks time as the Director has to go on an important business trip to the US with the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam. He is very passionate about our help, but he said openly that he does not trust his employees to work with me for the first 2 weeks until he is back. But he just came up from Hanoi to meet me today and that was really nice to hear.
So I will join John with his project first of all with a Primary school 10km outside from Halong Bay. I am looking forward to meet the client tomorrow.
Great impressions for the first day and I am sure more to come

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