Friday, 25 September 2009

Very interesting last 2 days

Pictures with our translators when we went out for lunch in a small place (looked more like a garage) and we had a really delicious noodle soup! And see how they are cooking it :)
We finally met the client on Wednesday in his office after having a lovely tennis match with him.
They have rented a 5 story building in the middle of Halong City and from the balcony from the 5th floor they can look on their building site.

The director is very proud of to be the first business man in the Quang Nigh province to built a 15 story building with supermarkets, shops, office space and private apartments. And this is our client :) So they need financial advise on this. This task is definetly going to be challenging but we are 3 from our team and we look forward to it.

The first meetings were very impressive - first time ever I worked with a translator! But they are so nice our students. We can learn a lot from them and they from us.
My translator Lan asked me yesterday if I could help her to create her own blog. So we did that this afternoon and you should all have seen her face. She was so proud to have an own blog!!!
So we can not only help our clients, also the translators.

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  1. Hi Kerstin,

    We are so happy that you are having a wonderful and exciting time there! You really seem to enjoy it. Brilliant! And you have done so much already - wow!

    Enjoy! and lots of love and greetings from Abingdon,
    Simone & James