Sunday, 25 July 2010

My new motorbike “Yamaha Sirius R”!

Oooh, I am so proud of my new motorbike :) I just bought it yesterday. After two weeks of thinking about what Honda model I should buy, I decided on Thursday that I didn’t like any model as much as to spend money for a new bike. So I stopped on my way back from the University at the nearby Yamaha dealer and I liked 3 bikes straight away.

Friday morning I drove then together with Mai & Tony to 3 different dealers to negotiate the price. As Mai is Vietnamese it was brilliant to have her with me.

It turned out that the closest dealer to my house gave us the best price and they also had the friendliest staff.

So we agreed the price, Mai rang my landlady to come down to the shop with her ID and I got the money for the bike to pay it.

Even before noon I drove home with my brand-new motorbike. It is so pretty! I really love it. It is so much lighter and easier to change the gears. And the colours are gorgeous!

Have a look yourself and let me know what you think :)

So I am off to Singapore on Tuesday and I am so looking forward to it!


  1. Hi Kerstin, love the new bike. Hope I will get a spin on it when I came over in September or October. See you Tuesday :-) xxx

  2. Hi Kerstin,
    well done!! It looks pretty cool I have to say and after the mad trip up the mountain definitely the right decision to go for your own motorbike. Have a good trip to Singapore and lots of fun!!!
    Greetings from good old Hamburg!!!

  3. Hehe, yes indeed :) I hope to get the registration plate today. Need to go to the police for this with my landlady.....lets see ;)

  4. The bike looks really cool.. Have a fabulous time in Singapore and a great B'day celebration ;o)) Anne, the friendly blonde girl from the canteen/coffee bar was asking about you and sends her regards. - We are off to good ol'Franconia on Wednesday morning, can't wait.. All the best and a good journey (with and without the bike)! :o)

  5. Oh wow, say hello to Anne in the canteen. I miss her latte's ;) Have fun back home and say hello from me!

  6. It z great, I really like Yahmaha Sirius. I wish I'd have one, haha!