Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Teaching contract signed for 6 month :)

So now I feel even more settled than beforehand. At least I know that I can stay here in Da Nang for another 6 month and I will have a job :)

My new teaching contract is signed and sealed (with a red stamp) and I can bring this paper with me tomorrow for my Visa extension!

As I wrote beforehand, signatures and seals are the most important things in the Vietnamese world.

But I am always surprised over and over again. During my contract negotiations with the University I was trying to get an agreement that the University might cover some of my costs I had already for my paperwork (translations, medical certificate etc.). I had myself prepared mentally for Budget restrictions etc. and have a guess what happened! The director and his assistant talked for one minute in Vietnamese and then the response from the University was: ”Do you have the red receipts for it?” I looked at them and said: “The red receipts? Yes, I have receipts and if I can remember correctly they are red”. Then everything was fine :) They can reimburse me if I hand in my red receipts.

So one more chapter in Vietnamese experience on what's important: “red receipts” ;)

Today then I got even another offer from the English Language Institute here in Da Nang to teach for them. I really liked the centre when I was there for an interview in June, so we agreed I will start with 4 hours teaching per week - I can fit this in with my work at the University. So I am very happy today, that everything seems to work out so well!

The University is closed the last week of July so I decided to fly over to Singapore to meet up with Nicole & Denis! So looking forward to my trip. Only one more week to work so ;)

Please have a look at the gorgeous pictures - I took them in Hoi An last weekend (the cute ancient tailor town) which is just 40min away from Da Nang! I just love this town :) Good food, good tailors, jewelries, shoe shops and art galleries!


  1. Kerstin, photos do not seem to have been uploaded........say hello to Nicole for me.....Greg

  2. Greg, Thanks for letting me know. Just uploaded them again. Hope it works this time :)

  3. Great when a plan comes together :-) Congrats! What a life!

  4. Yep, photos OK now. Good ones....Greg