Thursday, 8 July 2010

Power cut in the 2nd half of the Semi-Final!

Another day to in Da Nang. I had a good one I have to say - I found a studio where they have Yoga lessons, I got my documents back translated in Vietnamese and I got my hair cut for $4,5 and it looks good :) So far a pretty good day.
Until the match started.....and we had a scoreless 1st half. The Germans were scared and had too much respect for the Spanish! All their self-confidence which they showed against England and Argentina was gone. We got a bit better in the last 15 minutes of the first half.
I was still positive and believed in a great 2nd half! And then exactly when the 2nd half started the power went off in Da Nang!!! At 2.30am in the middle of the night! I was sitting in a pitch black room with no TV - nothing. Thank God my 2 mobiles were still working (Irish and German) so I at least could text.
However I went in front of my house where quite a few Vietnamese people were out there and as annoyed as me about the loss of power. I couldn't talk with them as they cannot speak any English and my Vietnamese is very limited!
After 10 minutes I decided the power is not coming back. I got on my motorbike and tried to find a place with a power generator and a TV on. I only had to drive 500m and there it was. There were a few Vietnamese men sitting there watching our game in black/white. I didn't care and they invited me to sit with them and watch. The next minutes the place filled up and we were around 40 people in this living room watching the game. The goal for Spain happened and the Vietnamese were shocked. All the Vietnamese people were cheering for Germany!!!! But unfortunately it didn't help. We lost anyhow. Now we need to win the game for the 3rd place.

Surprisingly enough after the game, I was just home for 10min, the power came back on.......was that a coincidence?!

Please have a look at the pictures I posted - the Lady Buddha is watching over Da Nang from the mountain Son Tan. The cousin of my landlady brought me there with her Motorbike. You have a gorgeous view over Da Nang!

Hope to hear from you all very soon.


  1. Hallo Schwesterchen,

    wir hatten alle bisherigen Spiele bei bester Stimmung mit eigenem Public Viewing verbracht. Gestern dann leider der grosse Dämpfer. Schade. War auch ohne Stromausfall schlimm genug. Seeeeehr schade.

    Ist ja ne lustige Geschichte mit der Übertragung bei euch. :)

    Bis bald ... Andreas

    Frisur steht dir!

  2. What an adventure, all to watch a match...Sorry u lost!

  3. The psychic octopus was correct again!!

  4. Thank you for your comments! Now let's see tonight. Hopefully we can make it to the 3rd place ;) And the octopus went for Spain to win the World Cup! Let's see about that........if we have power!