Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Back from Singapore :)

Five days in Singapore and I am back in Da Nang ;)
This is almost a culture shock after 11 weeks living in Vietnam if you arrive in clean and rich Singapore! It is still as green there as I remembered it from 2005, but more Shopping Centre than you can imagine....you can spend so much money there, unbelievable.
I enjoyed to sit in lovely coffee places, had some nice coffee latte's and cappuccino's and to meet Nicole & Dennis again :) Nicole and myself had 2 days of great shopping and we had real fun! The weather is a lot cooler in Singapore, so I actually enjoyed not sweating so much as usual.
I visited Sentosa Island, which had changed so much in 5 years that I was almost shocked how commercialized it was. Actually a pity I think as I loved it beforehand. It was a great escape of the bustling city life. Anyway, it was a great day out and the Cable Car Ride over to the Island is worth every penny. Such great views, amazing.
Nicole and myself also had a look at the brand-new 5 star Marina Bay Sands Hotel - impressive one, but disappointing that the Skybar wasn't open yet. I hope to do that next time, because I am sure the view from up there is impressive. You must have an amazing view over the Formula One Circuit as well and I am sure all the drivers will stay in that brand new hotel in September:)
I got a lovely birthday cake from Nicole & Denis and we had some really tasty fizzy drink with it! In the evening we went to a lovely Italian restaurant called "Trattoria Lafiandra" where we got some homemade pasta :) So tasty!
The last night in Singapore we had a great BBQ at the swimming pool area of Nicole's & Denis Apartment with some nice neighbors, colleagues and friends joining.
On Sunday evening I almost missed my plane from Saigon to Da Nang as my first plane from Singapore to Saigon was already delayed and I had not much time left between the two flights. But I have to say, the airline staff of Vietnamese Airline were so helpful and quick, so I was able to make it on board running from the international to the domestic terminal :)
Arrived in Da Nang I took a Xe Om (Motorbike taxi) home with my small suitcase on the bike. Not a problem in Vietnam ;) It's nice to be back.
Now it is time to prepare my classes - I am teaching two new classes today :) Fingers crossed and lets see how it goes. I am excited!!
Let me know how you all are and post some comments if you have a second!

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  1. Hi Kerstin,
    very nice pictures I have to say - especially the cake ;-)
    Hope you are doing fine and your teaching and all goes well. Let's try to skype over the weekend.....Sunday???
    Greetings from Hamburg!