Monday, 7 June 2010

Teaching Course passed successfully

Who would have thought one year ago, that I would be a certified Cambridge English Language Teacher to Adults today? Yippee! I have passed and with an above average. I feel soooo good :)

These four weeks were intense and a lot of hard work. But it was all worse-while! I enjoy teaching and that was and still is the main aim.

Now a new area is starting with making a decision where to go in Vietnam. I would love to go to Central Vietnam to a city called Da Nang. However, I need to find a job there. I got a job offer from the Apollo Institute to teach in Hanoi or in Haiphong, but I don’t want to stay in Hanoi. About Haiphong I am not sure yet. I would prefer Central Vietnam so. Let's see if I have the guts to go down there and just try to find something.

After living for almost 5 weeks in Hanoi I am looking for some more quietness. Hanoi is unreal busy - you have so much noise all day. The only time which is really quiet is from 11pm - 6am. Living in a city with over 6Mio people in Vietnam is very different to Dublin ;) This week will be very exciting so to see where I will go. Keep your fingers crossed that I find a nice place to work and live.

Attached you can find a few pictures from our party with the students from the Elementary and Intermediate Level which we had on Friday to say good-bye.

Vietnamese students are so much fun and so eager to learn. It a real pleasure to work with them :))


  1. Congratulations Kerstin! I am delighted that you passed the course with credit :o) So the 'real' adventure starts now... Best of luck and keep in touch!