Sunday, 23 May 2010

Halftime :)

A lot of happened in the last two week.... it felt like being on a roller-coaster ride! Everything started on the Sunday afternoon 2 weeks ago after somebody decided to steel my notebook from my backpack when I got on the bus - took 5sec and it was gone.......anyway I am over this now. Decided to buy a new MacBook again and not taking it anywhere anymore except leaving it in my hotel room. But back to the start of the CELTA course. We are 12 people from completely mixed backgrounds, age differs from 21 to 68 and we're from Australia, US, Jordan, France, UK, Germany, Sweden. The school and CELTA program is very good. Our 2 trainers are very experienced and we all can learn a lot from them. And we already had to teach on our 2nd day! So far I have taught 5 times, lessons of 40min. There is a lot to prepare beforehand and we also have assignments to submit for specific deadlines. However the students are so motivated and cute. It is really rewarding to teach them. You really have a feeling that they got something out of it after your lesson :) After one week living further outside from the city centre I decided to move into a hotel close by the school. So happy that I did that, as I save a lot of time now which I did spend on traveling on 'xeom's' (motorbike taxis), sometimes in the lashing rain in the morning :) We have around 38 degrees and it is unbelievable humid. I am so glad that it at least rains every 2nd or 3rd day for 30min or so. Then at least it cools down a few degrees.
The time here is flying as the course is so busy. I am working every evening and also at the weekend, but only 2 more weeks to go and then I hopefully can get my certification and look for a teaching job.
Hanoi is very busy. There are around 5-6Mio inhabitants and it feels like the city never stops before 11pm and starts already at 6am :) So my plan is to go somewhere to the Middle of Vietnam after the course to teach down there where it is a bit more quiet and closer to the sea :) Very adventurous times ahead.....fingers crossed everything works out.


  1. MacBook stolen! Oh dear.. I would have probably collapsed.. Fingers crossed that from now on you won't experience any more disturbances and you are having a great time! :o) All the best, P.

  2. Hi Kerstin
    great to hear from you!!!
    We should skype some time soon! Let me know when it suits you. Can't wait to hear all the details.
    And don't study too hard - after all you are on your well deserved "break" :-)
    Take care for now and talk soon!

  3. Good Luck Kerstin!

    We are busy too here, the weather is nice as well at least during the week-end! I hope you will be fine and get your certification asap!

  4. Great to read your blog Kerstin, not so great to hear about your notebook :-( Sounds like you have hit the ground running, good luck with your certification, I'm sure you'll get it no problem. Lovely weather here in Dublin too, thankfully not as hot as where you are! Keep posting, Deirdre

  5. Thank you all for your comments. It is so nice to receive some and hear from you. My 3rd week of is almost finished at the CELTA. One to go :)
    Keep in touch. I will.