Monday, 14 June 2010

Da Nang Beach :)

Can life be better?! What a gorgeous beach here in Da Nang, the water is crystal clear and I can walk from my guesthouse room from the University to the beach. Well, it is a 45 minute walk, but I don't care. In the end you have a brilliant refreshing swim in the sea!
There are a lot of decisions to make this week and in the following. I got a job offer from a local University here in Da Nang. They want me to work quite a lot of hours and they don't have any other Western Teacher here whatsoever. Not many resources available here either, no course books etc. So lets see what agreement I can find with them. I think it would be something to start off with, but I don't want to sign a contract with them. Had another interview today with an English Language Institute run by an Australian and I liked it a lot. They will let me know hopefully in the next 2 weeks if they can hire another teacher. Keep your fingers crossed for me please, because I think this would be the right thing to do.
For the time being I am staying in the guesthouse of the University which is actually a guest room directly in the University building. It has internet, a TV and is pretty central in Da Nang. Guess I can stay here until I find an apartment etc. to move to.
I was checking out the possibilities to rent a motorbike and it looks like it is possible. So hopefully soon, I will renting one and then I can go to 'Hoi An' the lovely town with all the tailors and good food, which is only 40min away from here :) and of course it is by the sea as well so I can bring my swim suit!
Talk soon

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