Sunday, 9 May 2010

My 5th day in Hanoi

I almost can't believe it myself but I am back in Vietnam. In-between motorbikes, taxis, bicycles...noise everywhere and it is hot! Humidity is as high as in September last year and it is only May ;)
I am staying with a friend a little bit further outside at the Westlake. My translator Lan helped me to organize a bus ticket for the full month of May - the application form was of course in Vietnamese and I couldn't understand a word ;)
So nice to have somebody local here which I can meet on a regular base. I already got a homemade vietnamese meal and ate a few baguettes and a lot of pineapples :)
Will meet all the other teachers tonight for dinner for the first time and tomorrow my course is starting for 4 weeks. I am excited, nervous and really looking forward to it!
Christine ( where I am staying right now) brought me out on Friday and yesterday to meet some other friends of hers. Very good to get to know people: Japanese, British, Australian, American's, Indians etc. - feels a little bit like in Dublin at the beginning.
Even met a teacher who was teaching for the Apollo Institute previously and where I will start tomorrow. He said there are a lot of teaching opportunities here and I should also look at his company he is working with now. So fingers crossed everything goes well, I hopefully can start to teach soon :)
Talk soon.


  1. Hello little sister,
    glad to hear that everything's ok and you made it back to Vietnam although Eyjafjallajökull was and is still active. (Munich airport was closed again last night).
    All the best ... Andreas

  2. Glad to hear that you made it to Vietnam (despite the ash cloud...). Hope you have a fabulous time and a thrilling first week in the school ;o)
    Looking forward to reading more from you...

    P.S.: Viele Grüße von Sven (ist gerade hier vorbeigelaufen ;oP )