Thursday, 7 January 2010

Golden Triangle & Laos

We got up very early this morning to head out to the Golden Triangle where Laos, Thailand and Myanmar Boarders are meeting. We went up on a hill and were able to see all 3 countries. Stunning view and amazing feeling - worthwile getting up so early :)

Another 2.5 hours bustour and we arrived at the boarder of Laos where we had to say goodbye to our Thai Tourleader Mrs. Beam and we welcomed Kham La - our Laos Tourguide. We took a small boat to go over the Mekong River to Laos to the imigration office where we applied for our Visa's. This was so easy going - we all were ready in 20min and were even able to swap money into Laos "Kip". Great service and very efficient :)

I was so happy to be finally in Laos where I was always keen to go. The scenery is just stunning. We had 2 great days traveling on a slow boat down the Mekong River. It was also a great opportunity to get to know the other travellers in the group as we had a lot of time to chat. We stoped inbetween at a Hmong village - one of Laos hilltribes - these people are really poor and shocking traditions from a womens point of view. Just some taste: A man is picking his future wife - the parents of the girl will not know where they are going to live and will not see the daughter again until a baby is born. The women is not allowed to give birth to the baby in the "house" or "hut" - she needs to go into the woods, get the baby there and stay there 4 weeks. Then she is finally allowed to come back and stay with the father, get married and live in the house again. Also in that Hilltribe it is tradition that the man can have more wifes etc.....there was much more, but I better stop writing now ;)

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