Thursday, 7 January 2010

x-mas 2009 - on the way to Bangkok

This was my first time spending x-mas outside Europe and not with my family. I had mixed feelings when I went to the airport on the 24th in the afternoon flying to Asia. Arriving in Bangkok in the heat of 30 degrees was odd for x-mas day. However going shopping to the Chatuchak Weekend market on Stephens day and enjoying the sunshine was very rewarding. Still Bangkok is not my city and the Thai's are not at all as friendly as the Vietnamese. I met the Peregrine Group in the evening then and we went with some Australian travellers for dinner. Felt good to have some company. Next day early in the morning we visited the Royal Place and a few more temples, had lunch and went straight to the airport to fly to Chaing Rai to Northern Thailand. We had a very nice hotel directly in town, a lovely tasty and unusual meal - I got my beef served in a real pineapple! Beautifull and tasted delicious. Afterwards we strolled through the nightmarket and bought some small souvenirs. The people up in the North are a way more friendlier :)

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