Saturday, 26 November 2011

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day & Goa it is :)

Once more I was so lucky to be teaching in Vietnam during the annual Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on the 20th of November.
It felt like if it would be my birthday – seriously! 

The students did bring so many presents, from flowers to cakes and scarf’s. We had so much fun and the cake was so tasty :)

The pictures speak for themselves.

Long time I didn’t write a blog, but I was busy working to be honest and didn’t travel anywhere new. 
However that doesn’t mean, that I didn’t make any plans to go somewhere soon again ;)
My teaching contract finishes End of February 2012 and I can take my annual leave beforehand.
So I was thinking what I would love to do – something new, exciting and which means something to me.
People, who know me well and even when I was young know, that I love to do sports and being active. So I decided to give myself a treat as well as a new challenge.

I’m going to 

Goa, India and will take part in a 

Yoga Teacher Training. 

It will last for one month and is on a beautiful spot by the sea :)

I’m excited for sure as I have never been in India before and have never done 4 weeks of intensive Yoga ;) But what would life be without any challenges?!


  1. Great to see more on the blog....great pictures and a great decision. Love as always Amanda x

  2. Have you lost weight -- I think you are looking more and more Vietnamese (which is a compliment because they are so beautiful and healthy looking). Your students were so nice to honor you that way (including a fantastic cake)! The place you are going in India is so beautiful .... what a great thing to look forward to. Can you teach me that bend backwards pose (with feet and hands on ground) ... if I could do that ... I could do anything. : - ) Nice update... enjoy your remaining time in Vietnam!!