Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hello from Danang/Vietnam again + Adventure park experience

Time is flying as it seems like :)

I just realised that I'm already 4 weeks back in Danang! So I guess it is more than time to write a new blog entry!

The first week I was busy setting myself up again to be honest. Running around to find a new motorbike and a new home to live in. It actually wasn’t complicated at all and everything turned out to be very straightforward and smooth! Doesn’t sound like Vietnam to me ;) But I guess everything is easier the second time round!

So after four nights staying in my old house with Tony & Mai I was actually able to move into my new house already!! 
It is a gorgeous house, even bigger than the last one. It has two floors, a big roof terrace, two double bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms and a kind of garage with a rolling gate, which is perfect for my bike :)
So all visitors are welcome as I have a spare bedroom in my house again :) If you are planing to come to Asia you need to stop by! House is rented until End of February 2012!

And the most important part is still to come – I have a fishpond in my house with 3 Goldfishes left there for me. People who know me well know that I have never had a pet in my life. So now I had three fishes.
So many things to learn ;) I had now idea how to clean the pond in the first place or how often they need to be fed.

However it turns out my neighbours are a American/Vietnamese couple and they have a pond too. So Anh took some time out to show me all the things I need to do and we even went shopping for some more fishes!!! So now I have 13 fishes in total and they are very cute.  All still alive as well ;) Also bought some Cleaning fishes who make sure the pond doesn’t look too messy.

Yes, and I bought a new bike again! It was a difficult decision what to buy really. Should I go for a Yamaha again or should I try the Honda this time?! In the end I bought a Honda Wave 110S red/silver! I have to say, so far I am really happy with it! I have already driven more than 1000km in less than 4 weeks ;)

I am back to work at ELI since 3 weeks now and I really like it! It does me good and I really like to work with the students here. They just have such a lovely attitude :) I am teaching the staff in the new 5* Hyatt’s Hotel. They will open Mid of October, so everything out there is still a kind of a building site, so some spontaneous improvising sometimes is necessary ;)

The best part of everything in Danang is to swim in the sea!!! Oh, I missed it so much, so I am enjoying it even more now :)
This is my road, where I am walking to the beach!

The scenery here in Danang is just stunning, with all the mountains surrounding the city! After the rainy season started we really have gorgeous views every day! I really need to take a picture of it soon!


Rainy season has started a way to early this year! Last year in September it was roasting hot and almost no rain at all. Since the 1st of September this year we had pouring rain (and I mean lashing down for hours) every single evening until yesterday. However looks like we got a break today finally ;)
It is still hot so, over 30 degrees during the day and around 25 at night-time after the downpour or like today 28 at 12 midnight ;)
Yes, I don’t miss the Irish weather for sure!!!

I almost forgot to write a blog entry about the Climbing/Adventure Park (Klettergarten) where I have been on my last days in Germany with my brother and his kids Max & Maja. 

It was scary at first I can tell you. I have never done something like this before…the kids loved it and it seems like the adults were more scared than the children.

We climbed different two different parcours. It might not sound a lot but it was more than enough. I hardly would have been able to finish a 3rd one.

There are many different ropes, hooks and slides and sometimes you are more than 10 meters above the ground and you slide at least 30 – 50meters just hanging on a rope sitting in your belt! Scary I can tell you!  You also have to walk over a lot of rope bridges, through nettings, huge wooden wheelbarrows, balancing on ropes in a height of more than 10meters, walking over swinging back and forth skies and so on!!!

I have to say looking back I really liked it, but in between you are thinking of giving up!

In the evening we had a well-deserved BBQ with friends and neighbours of my brother and his girlfriend and we had a ball. It was good to be able to spend finally some time with Max & Maja and my brother and what exciting time we had!!!

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