Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Off to Saigon, Cambodia & Fansipan (Sapa)

I almost cannot believe it myself, but I am off to my vacation today ;) Yippie!

So looking forward to meet Annette in Saigon and then going on our one week trip to Cambodia before we meet Jan & John in Hanoi. Then the real adventure is going to start with climbing up Fansipan!!!!

I will post pictures when I am back!

Oh and I have more news. I resigned from my University DTU here in Danang and I will work full-time for six month for the English Language Institute (ELI)! I am thrilled that it all worked out now and I will have a fresh start on the 11th October, when I am back ;)

You can see some pictures from my last Cooperate Group I was teaching at ELI – Public Health Servants. Lovely group, I so enjoyed teaching them.

Have a look on the ELI website:

In the 2nd week we did a Presentation course with them. You can even watch the videos there :)

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