Thursday, 23 September 2010

Last Day at Duy Tan University - Saying Goodbye

My last day at DTU today and my class gave me a lovely basket of roses, a lovely book and a heart shaped box :)

We had so much fun singing Karaoke today - "I will survive" from Gloria Gaynor, "Whenever, Whereever" from Shakira and ABBA "Dancing Queen" :)

Thank you to my students from K15CMUTPM!!!!
You are brilliant!


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  2. Goodbye my teacher !
    I hope that we can meet again (Maybe in Germany) :D

  3. Hi Kerstin - I am still jealous. However here is an interesting post of value to travellers.

    ciao Greg

  4. good bye teacher ^_^, good luck for you (^..^)

  5. Thank you for that time. We exprienced many fantastic things with you. I also want to say an appologise for all impolite things we did.
    If one day, you write memoir, I hope it has some lines about us. Thanks again.
    God blesses you. Goodbye, our awesome teacher!