Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tonsai Beach & Saying goodbye to my students

As the new Lunar New Year approached Vietnam and ELI actually closed for 10 days, I decided to travel to Krabi in Thailand.

Flights were already pretty expensive, so I tried the new Air Asia route from Danang to Kuala Lumpur :) All went well.
From there I took a train over to Hat Tai in Thailand, which took around 14hours. Wasn’t too bad, the train was actually as old as the Vietnamese ones, but I only had a basic seat as the sleeper compartment was booked out.
However, I was still able to sleep now and again and the person on the seat next to me kept changing all the time ;) We stopped at the border, had to get off the train, got our Visa’s really quickly, but then…unfortunately they had to get the train cleaned and shortened for our onwards trip to Hat Yai. It was supposed to take one hour – this time it took 3 ;) Oh well, that’s Asia!
After arriving in Hat Yai around noon I met a couple which had to go to Krabi as well. After looking around and getting different prices we finally found a lovely woman who actually sold us a bus ticket for a decent price and she told us the bus will pick us up in 5 min. I didn’t believe a word, but it was actually true. So there we were, in a Minibus, squeezed in so there was only space left to breathe ;) Anyway, we all arrived in one piece in Krabi. From there I took a Songthaew to the peer of Ao Nang. Another small trip on a long tail boat and there I was on Tonsai Beach :)

How beautiful it was!!! Had been there with Nina in 2002, but had almost no recollection, at least not from specific places. Only the beautiful scenery was still the same for sure! Just stunning, these lime stones surrounded by the sea, the gorgeous beaches, palm trees. Like a little paradise :)

Well, as Tonsai is a hot spot for climbing, there were a lot of climbers there.
I met up with a friend of mine who is climbing since a long time. He was my climbing instructor for the week ;) Unbelievably patient and it was needed. If somebody thinks it is easy to climb up 30 meters on real rock - hehe, good luck ;)
First you need to trust your equipment and then you need to lose your fear. It is so difficult to move your feet up or bring them in the right position so you can relax your arms, hands and fingers. 

But I really liked Rock Climbing! Took me a few attempts to get into it, but then when you finally can feel that you get better, it is really enjoyable.
What gorgeous views you have when you are finally climbing and you have the guts to turn around ;)

I found my favourite climbing wall on Tonsai Beach, called Fire wall – The Groove Tube!

One morning we went for a run and saw a beautiful sunrise on Railey Beach, followed by a gorgeous little trek through the forest to come back to Tonsai.
Have you ever been practicing Yoga on a beach? I actually haven’t, but I did on Tonsai beach! What a stunning view and surrounding, while practising :) Loved it!

The food was cheap, tasty and if I was lucky without any chilli ;) What lovely fruit shakes they had – I loved them. My favourite place for food was “Chicken Mama” – a small little place, with lovely breakfast, lunch & dinner. The only thing you had to bring was time really ;)

Then we actually decided to spend some time in Ao Nang on the main land. There was a climbing wall as well and on top of that, we rented a motorbike, which I loved :)
Driving in Krabi and Ao Nang is pretty chilled out I have to say, compared to Vietnam. It was even fun to drive on the left side again – memories of times back in Ireland ;)
We found a bakery, which was actually baking a kind of wholemeal bread! I haven’t eaten any since I left Germany in August! Delicious with Nutella ;)

I didn’t really take many photographs as I was more focused on holding the rope properly while belaying other climbers.

So only a few more days left of teaching, which means I need to say goodbye to my classes at ELI.
Not so easy sometimes as you are getting attached to the students. Most of them are so cute and really nice to work with. Here are some pics from saying goodbye and our recent Karaoke visit.

Next Friday I am heading down south for one week – Saigon and Phu Quoc – to meet up with Jan and his two daughters and Huong, a Vietnamese friend of mine.

AND THEN… a new chapter and adventure begins:

I am already a bit nervous, excited and curious. My first time in India and a 4 week intensive Yoga Teacher training.


After that, I will be going up to Nepal beginning of April to meet Annette, which is coming over from London for 2.5 weeks to go trekking :)

So Goa is waiting with a beautiful beach, exercising all day, studying, healthy food, meditation, meeting new people, inspiration and I am sure lots more ;)

Can life be better?!


  1. Hi Kerstin, what a colourful life you are currently living! I am sure that this is the right thing for you to do, so I think you are on the right track.. what are you plans after Goa and Nepal? (I've been in Nepal fall 2010 tracking for 3 weeks, it is beautiful though exhausting to climb the mountains...). Please take care, Susanne

  2. Hi Susanne, Thanks so much for the comment ;) Yes, it is a wonderful life and I'm enjoying every minute of it! The plan is to go back to Vietnam to teach English again and hopefully Yoga as well ;) Let's see how it goes. Take care Kerstin

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