Tuesday, 12 July 2011

ALBI – What a gorgeous city!!!

My 3rd week of studies has started today and it already feels like I am here since months. Might sound odd, but all got so familiar already to me – except for the French language ;) That will take a few more months for sure!

I also got my first visitor already in Toulouse, which makes me very happy! Rick, which was teaching with me in Danang is on a European Tour and stopped by for a few days in Toulouse. That’s why we took the chance to explore the city of ALBI, which is around 1.5hours away from Toulouse (north-east direction).

We left on Saturday morning and I only had know that all the French people I had talked to already told me that this city is very cute. Indeed we didn’t get disappointed at all!

I have to say for me it was one of the prettiest small cities in Europe I have ever seen!!!

It has exactly the right size, not too big and not too small. Very cosy and charming at the same time with the river "Le Tarn" flowing through it and therefore impressive bridges indeed.

We visited the museum Toulouse-Lautrec, which is a famous painter. We even did some French exercises by using the dictionary and translating the words we didn’t know which described the different pictures :)

We had some picnic on a park bench in a lovely “Jardin” in town and after lunch we walked over the lovely bridges with a stunning view! Have a look yourself :)

We even saw a bride on a horse riding to the civil registry office followed by all the guests in their cars ;) Looked really amusing!

Afterwards we visited the Sainte-Cecile Cathedral – the world’s largest brick cathedral I learned ;) Really impressive I have to say, but almost too big and too overloaded with stuff. But I loved it from the outside for sure. It fits perfectly into this lovely town :)

It was a shame that we had to go back to Toulouse at the same day as there was a festival on in ALBI and we would have loved to stay. However that’s how life goes. I definitely will be back in ALBI!

I loved it ;)

The previous weekend I visited “Carcassonne” with my school.

Clara & myself

Very nice little village indeed too with a massive Chateau! We even got a tour through the Chateau, but unfortunately it was in pure French and as I am only in a Beginners course I maybe understood 5% ;) C’est la vie!

Ida & myself

On Thursday we have a bank holiday in France (Bastille day) and therefore we will make our way to Montpellier from Thursday till Sunday. I am already excited to see how it looks like down there and I’m looking forward to swim in the sea!

We had at least 35 degrees today and it is still 29 at 10pm at night.

So a swim will be great :)

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